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Viaanix has strategic partnerships with companies in the United States and around the world, which allows us to find the perfect manufacturer for your device.

We use extensive quality checks throughout the process to ensure every item lives up to our standards, while still providing you with the best possible pricing.

Iot simplelink

What is IoT Simplelink

IoT Simplelink is the first LoRaWAN Network manager which is SERVERLESS. IoT Simplelink is a scalable IoT connectivity platform for LoRaWAN devices worldwide. The platform provides device management, data storage, multi-tenant LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS). The platform encapsulates the complexities that go with IoT device management such as provisioning, OTA, notification, data manipulation, REST APIs, user management. Therefore, you can focus on your business application, reduce your risk, headache, and time to market.

How does it work

4 easy steps to IoT deployment

Provision a LoRaWAN® Device

Add, manage and update your device.

Provision a Gateway

Add, manage and update gateways.

View Real- time Telemetry

Visualize real-time telemetry and metadata  from your devices.


Connect HTTPS secure endpoints to send uplink and downlinks from your platform.



Whether you're looking for a custom tracker or need a unique piece built to complete your IoT system, Viaanix has the manufacturing contacts in the U.S. and abroad. We'll oversee the entire process from prototyping to quality assurance, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

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Centralized Hubs


The connection between your devices and the cloud is a vital one. Viaanix creates and manufacturers them for any need, using any protocol.

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Data Transmission


If you need a device to measure something, Viaanix can make it. From a device to measure a truck's oil quality to a sensor tracking pressure, if you can dream it, we'll bring it to life.

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Asset Engine Condition

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Electrical Data

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Hostile Environment Measurement



Because there is no set protocol for IoT, different OEMs use different standards. Viaanix can bring them all together under the same umbrella, so you can get a holistic view.

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Physical Assets

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IT Assets

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Programming Languages


Role-Based Access

Set the permissions for different users at different levels. Viaanix allows you to create different access levels for different users.

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View Only

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Public & Private

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User & Manager Permission

Data visualization

Reports and Notifications

Get your data delivered in the way you need it. Or generate alerts for anything. Viaanix gives you the flexibility to create the reports and notifications you want.

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Approaching Limits

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Custom Parameters

Scale faster with Projectile.

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