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At Viaanix, we understand people. We think of life, design its extensions, and advance societies. We do this without a formula, without a scheme, and without a subject. We thrive on fluidity, build on customs and coproduce with you. And that is why in understanding people, we understand societies, businesses, and governments. Through a strong sense of social and economic empowerment, we create products and services that are poised to find their way into the future. And in doing so, we are weaving ideas and building artifacts that will become relics of the future. Viaanix is not a company that we have established. It is a story we are scripting; with you. Located at the intersection of things connected with things, we are experts in building electronically embedded objects and devices that enable data collection and exchange between entities. We make the inanimate, smart. We specialize in IoT, emphasizing industrial internet that focuses on the machine to machine (M2M) communication. We pride ourselves in creating smart systems for manufacturing industries, logistics, agriculture, transportation, government, medical arts, and home. In all this, our focus is a customized solution to your problems. And therefore, we don’t build products alone; we produce answers.

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Meet our Executive Team

Portrait of the CEO Jatine Talreja

As the CEO of Viaanix,
Jay prides himself in creating a friendly environment that cultivates creativity
and efficiency

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Jatin Talreja


Founding Viaanix in 2011, Jatin continues to lead the company as the CEO. He has numerous real-world experiences and has designed some of the most path-breaking products in the industrial sector of the United States.


Bryan has extensive knowledge in embedded systems and design as well as experience across various wireless technologies

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Bryan Brumm

Bryan has worked in embedded systems for more than 8 years and has lead the design of many different products with a special focus on low-power devices. He also has extensive knowledge and experience across many different wireless technologies.
Portrait of the Business Development guy
Gary provides mechanical engineering and business development support for Viaanix
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Gary Stecklein

Business Development
With a total career of 44 years and counting, Gary currently provides mechanical engineering and business development support for Viaanix. He has directed R&D and T&E activities of over $40M for not only commercial clients, but also government clients.
Portrait of the Chief Cloud Officer
Jim is our Chief Cloud Officer and ensures our IoT data is properly managed and transferred to where it needs to be
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Jim Strong

Chief Cloud Officer
Jim is a army veteran who has more than a decade of experience in entire cloud computing environment. His work also involves evaluation, design and implementation of stringent cloud security and governance measures.
Our Director of Manufacturing - Angel Martin
Angel oversees all equipment designs and makes sure our products are always top quality
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Angel Martin

Director of Manufacturing
Working with Viaanix since 2014, Angel specializes in hardware R&D while also maintaining our manufacturing logistics. In addition to his hardware background, he also does 3D modeling and has transitioned into a managerial position here at Viaanix.
Jared has been in the sales and marketing industry for 7 years. He excels at creating long lasting customer relationships.
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Jerad Wilson

Director of Business Development
Jerad Wilson has a passion for sales and has been in the sales and marketing industry for 7 years. He has a rich background working with diverse industries and excels at creating long lasting customer relationships.


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