Website/App Development

Android And IOS Development

Everyone these days owns either some sort of smart phone or tablet running Android or iOS applications. These devices are now starting to act as a main control unit for interacting with other every day systems whether it is a home automation system, automobiles, or monitoring devices. Viaanix  has the experience needed to create seamless applications that can connect to your smart device through media such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB.

IOT Integration

A lot of different technologies and software are used to get or have a device integrated with the Internet of Things (or as we like to call it the “IoT Stack”). Everything from the low level device firmware to the end user display is something that needs taken into account. Many companies either do product hardware and software while others only do web design to provide visual access to the device. The process of integrating those two aspects together is where most companies have to outsource. At Viaanix, we do everything from the low level hardware/software design, web/app design, and interfacing in order to provide the full IoT Stack solution.

Website Design

An attractive and easy to navigate website is essential to any organization. Your website is often the first point of contact between a potential client or an interested individual. Viaanix specializes in developing custom websites that reflects your needs and style.

Analytic Dashboard displays

There is a lot of data being collected and stored in the cloud. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out what to do with that data and who to provide access to that information. Cloud hosted dashboard, which Viaanix has developed numerous times, have been a popular tool for solving these issues. During the dashboard development process, we will work with you to figure out what information you truly need to see in order to save on data storage costs.

Cloud Computing

Being a company that specializes in the IoT area, Viaanix  spends a great deal of time working with data and devices connected to the cloud. Cloud computing can offer overall savings by only using what you need along with easy scalability. Viaanix is familiar with many of the cloud computing aspects as well as using popular cloud hosting companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Computing.

Website Redesign

We live in a constantly changing world. New technology emerges daily and styles go in and out of fashion. Your website should reflect your organization’s relevance and awareness of the times. Viaanix  can redesign your existing site and change it from great to incredible.