Viaanix Indoor Outdoor Asset Tracking

Without the right technology, monitoring the status of equipment can be a challenge, especially when it involves tracking through indoor/outdoor facilities and between facilities. As employees move costly equipment from site to site, losing track of your equipment could mean losing productivity and the cost that comes with it. 

To add to the challenge, the technology that best monitors indoor equipment is not the same as technology that best monitors outdoor equipment. 

When it comes to monitoring indoor/outdoor equipment, Viaanix’s asset tracking system offers a solution. Indoors, this system utilizes BLE/LoRa anchors that can track BLE beacons attached to your equipment, sending that data to a LoRa/cellular, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet Gateway. Outdoors, LoRa/GPS beacons send information to LoRa cellular Gateways.

These beacons are low energy, long range, and inexpensive devices that can be “set and forget,” with batteries that can last two or more years. They can be installed on small equipment, like tools, and larger machinery as well. 

This information is sent from the gateway to the cloud for review by the end user. This review can be done through Viaanix’s own web portal, VX Locate, or through your own company’s existing portal. For these gateways, Viaanix offers the choice of the VX Zeus or the solar powered VX Apollo. Gateways use 4G LTE to forward data to the cloud to be displayed for the end user, and are configured with GPS, BLE, and LoRa capabilities to allow connectivity to a variety of devices, such as our LoRa BLE anchors and LoRa/GPS beacons, VX BLS, VX BLE beacons for indoor use, and VX LoRa Beacons for outdoor use. 

All this equipment casing is rugged and weatherproof, designed for use in both indoor and the harsher elements outdoors. This indoor/outdoor tracking system can not only track location, but can also monitor temperature, humidity, usage, or other information your company may need to gather to operate.

Because the gateways use cellular, the system can run on its own network separate from your facility’s network, meaning you won’t need to involve your own IT in order to deploy the system, which reduces headaches and installation costAnother advantage is the ease of installation. Installation of a single beacon can be done simply in a matter of minutes, meaning you won’t lose much productivity to time spent installing the system.

The other advantage to Viaanix’s system is the low cost and inexpensive connectivity. These devices stay in a dormant sleep state most of the time, only waking to collect and send data, leading to a long battery life. LoRa does not require a cellular subscription—you only pay for the data you use.

Another quality that makes Viaanix’s system special is its bi-directional communication capability, which allows the end user to control how often they wish the device to update, as well as the capabilities to control equipment. 

Whether you need to keep track of an equipment fleet indoors, outdoors, or a combination, Viaanix’s asset tracking system has a solution for your worksites–our engineers can work to find a solution that perfectly fits your facility’s specific needs.