Smart Construction

Indoor / Outdoor Asset Tracking

Air Quality

The Challenge

•Global COVID-19 Pandemic increased hand hygiene requirements

• Unpredictable rate at which supplies are used

• Health hygiene requiring frequent cleaning and disinfecting

• Higher occupant expectation and standards

Faucet Tracking


• Leverage Viaanix industry experience in Smart Restroom Management

• Deploy Viaanix sensors to detect low levels of supplies both for liquid soap and tissue papers

• Deploy sensors to track your expensive accessories and assets

• Real-time notifications of the product levels and working of devices

Restroom Tracking


• Enhanced Maintenance Schedules

• Reduced product consumption and waste

• Fewer complaints and issues

• Improved facility appearance

• Enhanced hygiene of the toilets

Faucet Tracking


• Modular sensors to detect level of supply and working of devices

• Dashboard view of all restrooms across multi-level facility

• Strategically decide when your cleaning staff needs to service your commercial washrooms

Faucet Tracking


• Increase staff productivity and efficiency of the systems

• Reduce wastage and save operational costs

• Better user experience and hence brand recognition

• Realize shorter periods for Return-on-Investment

Faucet Tracking


For last few years, Copper wire theft has become a drain on state resources and has created dangerous situations. The rise of copper theft has caused police patrols of scrap yards to increase by a whopping 75%.

Copper Theft Prevention Alert


• Increased number of road accidents as street lights are unavailable for prolonged periods due to copper theft

• Increased maintenance cost for the state as well as federal departments

• Risk of electricians getting electrocuted

Copper Theft Prevention


•Real-time monitoring of the precious resources required

•Seamless communication, alerts and alarms to be raised at the moment of theft

•Increase ‘Situation-sensing’ capabilities by the use of ‘Internet’ of Things

Copper Theft Prevention Sensor

The Viaanix Way!

• Install BLS or LoRa beacons on the paneling that is used to access copper wiring

• Receive an alert as soon as unauthorized activity is sensed by the system

• Use Viaanix’s Zeus, Apollo, LoRaWan gateways and send secure data to the cloud

Copper Theft Prevention Sensor


• Realize significant cost savings by containing theft and reducing maintenance costs

• No dead-zone throughout your copper pipe-line as well as panels

• Hassle-free installation

• Competitive pricing customizable to your needs

Copper Theft Prevention

Defying Utility Metering

• Diverse metering – water, gas, electricity, temperature, air level

• Diverse data sources limiting interoperability

• Data confined to single use case usage

Utility Meter Tracking On Phone

Viaanix – Smart Metering Solution

• Use diverse connectivity methods to collect data from your smart meters

• Visualize the collected data on VX-Olympus platform

• Data Analysis for deriving actionable insights

• Feed processed data into third-party applications for seamless billing and accounting

Utility Meter Tracking

VX-Olympus – Smart Platform for Smart Metering

• Enterprise-grade IoT Platform providing smart data processing capabilities

• Collect data from your diverse smart meters in a centralized way

• Custom visualization dashboards

• Configure user alerts and notifications

• Feed collected data into data stores

Utility Meter Tracking

Telehealth Growth Drivers!

• The population of US is growing, aging and becoming prone to chronic diseases

• Exponential hospital congestion due to COVID-19 pandemic

• Increased travel costs for multiple doctor visits

Telehealth Appointment


•Telehealth or Telemedicine, a respite to the increasing chaos

•Remote Patient Monitoring , Self-monitoring or self-testing – access to clinical information at a distance

Telehealth Doctor


• Monitor and Measure body vitals at pre-defined intervals as per prescription

• Application Enablement Platform to record, communicate and alert  

Telehealth Patient

One Machine, Multiple Operators

Automotive and Manufacturing industries have high-value invested machines operated by different employees, leading to unauthorized usage and risk of losing keys of the equipment.

Phone To Sensor Access Granted

Access Control Made Easy

Install Viaanix’s proprietary BLE based keypad solution to uniquely identify the authorized user.

Phone To Sensor Access Denied


• Guaranteed reliable control of access to the machine

• Authorized persons receive access immediately, without any complications

• Access is quick, easy and secure against circumvention

Card To Keypad Access Control

Challenges Faced

• Lost pallets in recycling pool

• Lost product

• Spoilage

• Invisible supply chain

• Undiscovered inefficiencies in the supply chain

Pallet Tracking

Viaanix Solution

• Detect sources of loss, potential changes in practices

• Identify the location of lost product or pallet through GPS as pallet level

• At warehouse level – leverage high resolution BLE

• Audit shipping providers by identifying the exact location where damage occurred

Pallet Tracking


• Viaanix provides end-to-end Pallet tracking and monitoring solutions across the supply chain

• Deploy Viaanix modular sensors

• Configure parameters as per your requirements

• Track, monitor, and asses losses in the recycling pool

Pallet Tracking

Everything Starts at the Perception Layer

• Deploy vast range of VX-BLE (Bluetooth low energy), Long Range (LoRa), BLS, BLG Tracker gadgets on your pallets

• Start ‘Sensing’ the pallet location and parameters

Pallet Tracking

Communicate and Transport

• Collect data from these devices and transport them to your preferred Cloud service provider

• Data transportation available through all transmission technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Cellular, Satellite etc.)

Pallet Tracking

Dashboarding and Analyzing

VX-Olympus, an interactive, intuitive, user friendly, customizable, configurable, Application Enablement IoT platform for dashboarding, analyzing, creating rules, alerting and giving you detailed visibility round the clock, on your laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone.

Pallet Tracking

Full Blown Social Distancing App

Viaanix is a pioneer in the IoT solutions and has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by designing and developing cost-effective social distancing Bracelets and Smart Watches. These devices come with pre-loaded ‘Social Distancing App’ which can raise alarms if the social distancing protocols are not followed.

Social Distancing Alert Danger

Application for Individuals

• Social distance alerts – set up your preferences for Video, Audio or vibrating mode  alerts

• Individual scorecard for last 14 days performance

• Super secure with no data syncing on the cloud. Your information remains with you!

Social Distancing Alert Danger

Application for Enterprise

• Social distance alerts –set up your preferences for Video, Audio or vibrating mode  alerts

• Choose your dashboards –Employee scorecard, company performance, contact tracing, daily reports and hot-zone alerts

Social Distancing Alert Safe


• Targeted for kids and senior citizens, bracelets are equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology with a shelf life of more than 7 hours

• Just put on the bracelet and you can be rest assured for maintaining social distance

Social Distancing Alert Safe

4G Smart Watch VX - 20

• Targeted for youth and adults, 4G Smart Watch VX-20 supports Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity

• Use its super responsive 5 MP camera for making video calls and maintaining social distance

• Capable of detecting distance proximity to the pin-point

Social Distancing Alert Safe

4G Smart Watch VX - 100

• An upgraded version of VX-20, VX-100 supports 4G LTE and WCDMA apart from Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth

• With 500 MP camera and powerful 2880 mAH battery, video calls for long durations has never been so easy

• Alerts you as soon as you are within a pre-defined distance proximity

Social Distancing Alert Danger

Monitor Parameters Beyond Reach

Monitor and measure key environmental parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Particulate Matter, light level and many more.

Vent And Air Quality Monitoring

Long Range Wireless

• Link your data to the cloud or internet without the need for repeaters

• LoRaWAN compliant solution providing you deep in-building penetration

Industrial Vent Monitoring


• Visualize and analyze your data using VX-Olympus on desktop or mobile

• Full configuration and monitoring vis USB or LoRa

HVAC Monitoring


• No dead-zone

• Hassle-free installation

• Competitive pricing customizable to your needs

Vent Monitoring

Facility Management

• Heating and cooling require a whole new level of management for large campuses. 

• Facility managers can utilize IoT devices and software to monitor and control energy consumption across campus

• Connect Occupancy sensors to an IoT network and create programs to conserve energy 

Temperature Monitoring

Address Safety Matters

• Deploy Viaanix IoT enabled security sensors for multiple scenarios and protocols

• Coordinate door locks, smoke sensors, lighting sensors in the event of an emergency or threat

Lock Down Preparation

Track the Location of Your Fleet

Viaanix understands the limitations of all transceiver technologies, be it Bluetooth Energy (BLE), Long-Range (LoRa), Cellular or a combination of either of these. VX-BLS can connect using any communication technology, enable you with pin-point accuracy of your fleet of buses and gives you enhanced visibility.

Bus Tracking

Conference Room and Study Room Scheduling

• With IoT occupancy sensors paired with devices such as tablets and laptops, students and staff can easily see when conference rooms and study spaces are occupied

• Our user friendly IoT interface provides scheduling options to facilitate room reservations

Study Room Availability Tracking

IoT Asset Tracking in Higher Education

• Monitor your IoT-enabled devices such as rentable laptops, tablets and other equipment at all times

• Keep tabs on equipment in order to make sure it’s in the right place and being used appropriately

Laptop Tracking

VX-Olympus – the IoT Platform of Choice

Get a view of virtually every device in your environment. Customizable user friendly interface, availability of widgets for specific user needs and flexibility to define roles, makes VX-Olympus the ‘platform-of-choice’ for IoT deployment.

Tablet Tracking

Provide a Better Guest Experience

With Viaanix IoT Solutions in your guest accommodation, give them a more customized and comfortable stay. Give them an experience of staying in smart rooms capable of adjusting lights or calling the front-desk from their beds or even TV and their mobile device.

Voice Activated Remote

Edge to the Competition

Improve guest experiences by offering new amenities, services and a unique digital experience to differentiate from the competition. Through use of connected thermostats, adjust guest room temperatures at check-in and check-out to eliminate the cost of cooling or heating vacant rooms.

Voice Activated Phone Laying In Bed

Autonomous Indoor Delivery Robots

Automate hotel room service. Employing sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the robots are able to operate elevators and navigate crowds while handling tasks such as room deliveries quickly, safely and reliably.

Front Desk Sensor Monitoring Warm

Create Efficiencies for Yourself!

Save money by controlling the light in a room with the help of connected devices. Regulate the temperature and light of the hotel rooms remotely based on ambient parameters. Improve efficiency and save operational cost!

Temperature Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

How much better would your service be if you had the intelligence on issues before they become a problem? Predict in advance when a piece of hotel equipment, like an AC unit, will have an issue. Avoid the headache of last-minute room shuffles to accommodate a guest with a broken AC.

Front Desk Sensor Monitoring Cool

Connected Hospitality

Where guests connect to personalized and memorable experiences. Where staff connect to deliver efficient, responsive services. Where your ecosystem connects to improve revenue, safety and guest engagement

Voice Activated Phone

Protect Your Staff

• Provide a safer environment to your staff by providing wearable panic buttons

• Alert security in case of an emergency

• Accurately report the location of any employee, anywhere on the premises

Hospitality Panic Button Situation

Smart Wearables for a Smarter Protection

• Viaanix Smart wearables provide smarter protection just at the click of a button

• Peace of mind to track the exact location of your employees

Hospitality Panic Button Situation

Wide Coverage

• Cover all remote areas like stairways, utility closets, elevators, basements, parking structures where Wi-Fi and Cellular network don’t work

• Cost-effective safety of your hotel family enabled by Viaanix

Hospitality Panic Button Situation


• No dead-zone in your multi-level properties

• Viaanix Solution works all around your property

• No requirement of site-survey

• Hassle-free installation

• Competitive pricing customizable to your needs

Hospitality Panic Button Situation


• Compliance with local and state ordinances

• Leverage Viaanix solution to keep your 5-star promise

• Pin-point Indoor tracking – room specific beacon setting to prevent drifting

• Real-time updates – Location is updated and reported even if the staff is on the move

Hospitality Panic Button Situation

Monitor Vitals of the Soil

With Viaanix IoT Solutions you can measure the key vitals of the soil remotely. pH, Nutrients level, Soil Composition, Humidity, Soil temperature are some of the many characteristics that can be monitored for soil analysis.

Water Tracking

Drip Irrigation

Take charge of your irrigation system with our smart sensors deployed across the drip irrigation pipeline. Create rules to automatically irrigate when the soil needs it or even configure a scheduled ON and OFF system at ease.

Tractor Tracking

Leverage Atmospheric Parameters for Better Agriculture

Use the data collected by weather stations measuring atmospheric conditions. These stations study the weather and climate in your vicinity remotely. Harness the potential of this data to effectively improve the productivity of your soil, life of your plants and livestock.

Water Tracking

Greenhouse Automation

Implement and integrate IoT devices to seamlessly automate the greenhouse monitoring process. Control the systems to change in response to weather, soil and plant condition. Viaanix end-to-end IoT Solution gives you accurate information to make efficient decisions for managing your greenhouse.

Water Tracking

Cattle Management

Connected devices come in handy for cattle management. Take charge of the physical location of your cattle, along with their health and the health of the grazing field as well.

Water Tracking

Support Model

Viaanix enables its customers to realize maximum value of this enablement platform by providing reliable, fast and swift support. Our stalwart support staff is just a call away to answer your queries, requests and challenged faced if any.

Cattle Tracking

Is the Asset Maintenance Cost Draining Your Pockets?

The all new rule-based approach to monitor your asset vitals

• Easily configure location-based rules for tracking assets indoor/outdoor

• Configure threshold-based rules to monitor asset health

• Receive alerts for any location/threshold breach

Machine Monitoring

Proactive Incident Management of Your Assets

• Gain complete visibility and transparency of your asset’s health

• Configure Location and Threshold based rules to trigger incidents, warnings, alerts and even corrective actions

• Monitor thousands of assets through a single console

Restaurant Kitchen Monitoring

Assets Misbehaving Beyond Control!

• Infuse cognitive intelligence in your physical assets

• Create automated or user-defined anomalies to track deviations in asset behavior

• Harness the sensor data attributes, analyze KPIs and control your assets remotely

Temperature Monitoring Factory

Predictive Vs Preventive Maintenance

• Reduce operational downtime and improve uptime metrics through ‘Intelligence’ of Things

• Utilize data to predict failure vs preventing it

• Improve operational Return on Investment with Viaanix Asset monitoring solutions

HVAC Monitoring

Viaanix End-to-End Solution

• VX-BLS offers modular approach to sensing any asset parameter

• Sends data through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Long Range (LoRa) and even Cellular data to a central system

• A dashboard view on VX- Olympus for all alerts, alarms, trends and multitude data analytics

Temperature Monitoring Lab

How to Get Started

• Leverage our out-of-the-box capabilities to collect real-time health and usage information

• Define Location-based or Threshold based rules

• Deploy VX-Olympus for a dashboard view and get going!

Engine Monitoring

Track Your Concrete’s Early-Age Strength

• Monitor optimal quality, strength development and hydration level of the concrete

• Overcome the risk of developing thermal cracking

• Remote temperature differential monitoring

• Wireless concrete sensors over wired  sensors

Concrete Monitoring

Manage Ambient Environment Remotely

• Get rid of expensive and unreliable data loggers

• Gain accuracy in temperature and humidity measurement by deploying Viaanix super-sensitive modular sensors

• Real-time data during concrete curing cycle

• Comply with ASTM C511 standards

Concrete Monitoring Device

Viaanix End-to-End Solution

• VX-BLS offers modular approach to sensing critical concrete parameters

• Utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Long Range (LoRa) connectivity and to send data to a central system

• A dashboard view on VX- Olympus for maturity calibration

SMART Construction

Gain Real-Time Visibility of Your Expensive Assets

Locate your assets, know where they are! Gain insight into the physical location as well as health of your assets. Flexibility to accommodate as many assets as possible with plug-and-play module.

Airport Tracking

Monitor Asset Movement

Create and setup virtual geo-zones, identify assets moving in/out of these zones, receive alerts and improve operational efficiencies. Prevent theft of your assets with user friendly interface on your laptop, tab or even mobile device.

Construction Equipment Tracking

Ease of Deployment

Install our trademark beacons with ease. These are long range, low-energy (BLE), power packed devices which you ‘plug-and-play’ and ‘set-and-forget.’  

Farm Equipment Tracking

Modular Design

Concerned about the accuracy of your asset location?
Leverage our proprietary VX-BLS, a truly modular devise giving you the flexibility to choose from host of transceiver technologies.

Semi-Truck Tracking

Asset Location Accuracy

Viaanix understands the limitations of all transceiver technologies, be it Bluetooth Energy (BLE), Long-Range (LoRa), Cellular or a combination of either of these. VX-BLS can connect using any communication technology, enable you with pin-point accuracy and give you enhanced visibility.

Cargo Tracking

Customize From Case-to-Case

You have a specific use-case which we have not covered yet? Viaanix devices are interoperable and can be customized for your specific use case within 14 working days.

Car Tracking

Looking for Transparent and Secure Indoor Facilities Operations

Organizations big or small – ranging from manufacturing to construction, shipping to emergency management, retail to hospitality, need to track both expensive and moderate assets to realize their full asset value throughout the asset life-cycle.  Viaanix makes it super easy for you to keep track of your assets, in real time.

Warehouse Tracking

Low-Cost and Power Efficient Tracking

Viaanix’s industry proven remote asset tracking and positioning solutions can be tailor made to track any asset within facilities. Harness the power of custom made blue-tooth low energy (BLE)beacons which can be installed within your premises, or attached to your assets to send signals over LoRa or GPS or Bluetooth network.

Hospital Devices Tracking

Embracing IoT Across Verticals

Irrespective of the industry you are, our sensors and devices can be deployed across verticals. Our solutions can be integrated with your everyday processes!

Shipment Tracking

Modular Design

Concerned about the accuracy of your asset location?
Leverage our proprietary VX-BLS, a truly modular device giving you the flexibility to choose from host of transceiver technologies.

Tool Tracking

Asset Location Accuracy

Viaanix understands the limitations of all transceiver technologies, be it Bluetooth Energy (BLE), Long-Range (LoRa),Cellular or a combination of either of these. VX-BLS can connect using any communication technology, enable you with pin-point accuracy and give you enhanced visibility.

Dealership Tracking

Customize From Case-to-Case

You have a specific use-case which we have not covered yet? Viaanix devices are interoperable and can be customized for your specific use case within 14 working days.

Cargo Tracking

Indoor System

Viaanix utilizes BLE/LoRa anchors to track BLE beacons attached to equipment. The data collected from these beacons is sent over either a LoRa/cellular Gateway, a Wi-Fi Gateway, or an Ethernet Gateway.

LoRa BLE anchors - LoRa/GPS beacons - VX BLS - VX BLE

Warehouse Tracking

Outdoor System

Viaanix utilizes LoRa/GPS beacons and sends information to LoRa cellular Gateways.

VX LoRa Beacons

Golf Cart Tracking


Our Indoor/Outdoor solution allows you to choose the best way to access your data. You can choose to review your data through Viaanix's web portal, VX Locate, or even through your own company's existing portal.

Cattle Tracking


Our gateways use cellular data, which means that the systems can run on their own network separate from your facility's network. Installation of a single beacon only takes a few minutes and you won't need to involve IT in order to deploy the system. The devices do not require a cellular subscription - you only pay for the date you use.

Package Tracking

Easy Use

These beacons are low energy, long range, and inexpensive devices that you "set and forget" with batteries that can last 2+ years. They can be installed on large machinery as well as small equipment, such as tools.

Shopping Cart Tracking

Total Control

Our tracking systems can track location as well as monitor temperature, humidity, usage, and other information your company may need to gather. We also provide a fully customizable dashboard to give your company maximum optimization through personalization.

Container Tracking


Our solutions consist of the VX Zeus or the solar powered VX Apollo Gateways. These Gateways utilize 4GLTE to forward data to the cloud and are configured with GPS, BLE, and LoRa capabilities to allow connectivity to a variety of devices. These Gateways are equipped with weatherproof, rugged casing that can tolerate harsh environments

Bicycle Tracking


These devices stay in a dormant sleep state for the majority of the time. The devices only wake up to collect and send data in order to maintain a long battery life. The devices have bi-directional communication capabilities which allow you to control how often you wish for your device to update and what information you want to track.

Stolen Car Tracking