Smart Restrooms: Hygienic and Efficient Restroom Maintenance

It is a fact of running a business that consumers will judge a business by the state of their restroom. If a restroom is in disarray, the average consumer will wonder—what else are they overlooking? Along with offering sanitary facilities for the sake of hygiene, businesses and operations like airports will want to make a good impression with the state of their restrooms

There are many components to maintaining a restroom: keeping supplies in stock, regular cleanings, ensuring that automated dispensers and other assets are working properly—among other tasks. However, smart restrooms installed with IoT devices can make maintaining a restroom easy.

One of the worst experiences one can have when using a public restroom is finding that your stall doesn’t have any toilet paper. Installing an IoT device into your toilet paper dispenser can prevent this. Use sensors to detect when dispensers should be refilled and send an alert to staff, preventing the user from that embarrassing task of having to ask their neighbor for toilet paper. 

You can use sensors to detect low levels of supplies for other restroom dispensers as well. It is always an unsettling feeling to wash your hands and find that the soap dispensers are out of soap or the paper towel rolls are empty. Sensors can alert staff to low levels of soap or paper towels before they run out. 

Smart devices can also help optimize the cleaning schedule for your restrooms. Use a people counter to determine how many people use your restroom and when it is most often used. This way, you know how often and what times your restroom should be cleaned. You can also track the movements of your cleaning crew to optimize their workflow. Know which restrooms they are cleaning and when to determine the efficiency of your cleaning schedule. 

Tracking and maintaining assets is another aspect of maintaining a smart restroom. You can not only track the workings of supply dispensers but also large, expensive assets like smart toilets and floor scrubbers. You can track the location of mobile assets and receive an alert if the asset is moved outside a certain area. You can also receive maintenance information such as performance data and when the asset is due for maintenance. 

It’s also important to have an easy-to-use and accessible way of organizing and accessing this information. Using devices connected to an underlying network, you can make sure the most important information is easily accessible remotely. Receive reports on a web portal or mobile devices containing the information you determine is necessary on bathroom supplies, cleaning schedules, usage, cleaning staff, the tracking of assets, and other information you need at your fingertips. 

Having a modern, clean and efficiently working restroom makes a great impression for your facilities. Smart devices installed into a restroom is a subtle way to signal that your business is on the cutting edge of technology and cares about the comforts of a consumer. Viaanix can help design the smart restroom solutions that work best for you.