Our Story

Viaanix started several years ago with just one person working alone in a basement and has grown to more than 25 employees worldwide. We are a dedicated local company with a global reach. All the engineering is done in Wichita, Kansas by a very talented group of engineers who can develop any kind of software needed. Viaanix performs all the development in-house.

 Viaanix comes from the word viaan meaning “full of energy”. As a result, we find ourselves constantly innovating and on the move.

Viaanix is a full service IoT firm with a true understanding and love for product development and services. The organization is a team of innovative engineers and management specialists with a combined experience of more than 200 years. It is a place where good ideas are transformed into great products and great services, that leads to social and economic empowerment. Whether it is database development, embedded engineering, software development, Internet of Things (IoT), archival digitalization or website development, Viaanix thrives on challenges that call for creative thinking and technical innovation. The company works with variety of partners and clients, ranging from established companies, independent startups, national retailers, growing nonprofits, global agencies, and indigenous groups