Our Process


A creative process comprising of discussions and communicating ideas. Let’s talk it out, understand what is needed and build a foundation.


The moment of truth, at this stage we give you an overview of the cost of the whole development of the product.


Our engineers go to work and start researching parts, requirements and come up with a game plan for the whole project. We have many engineers who specialize in their field of study and come up with the best plan of action.


Once the design is created, the designs come to life by first round of hardware. Our embedded and software engineers go to work and start writing hundreds of thousands of lines of code in different languages and build the first working proof of concept.


Rigorous testing starts on several prototype devices. Any issues raised are solved in this stage and a decision to go forward into production or not is made. This decision is important because costs related to production are non refundable at several factories.


Rigorous testing is done again on the optimized design and any issues identified are resolved. A go or no go decision is made and accordingly the design is moved to production.


Depending the fit, form and function of the product and which country it is sold in, there can be several certifications need to be met. Viaanix has great experience in FCC, FAA, UL, ETL, CE, EMI certification. Our engineers take this very seriously and designs are made as such so the equipment passes the compliance on the first run.


You can choose your own production house or Viaanix can help you find production houses. We have several strategic partners and manufacturing facilities in the US and China and have relationships already built up with quality checks in place.


This is where we build a simplified view of the whole project and scope of services and deliverables.


At this phase, specifications are created describing detailed and precise requirements to be satisfied by a design or product. We will draft it for you, you just have to approve it before spending some serious dollars.


Design engineers start modeling, circuit designing and putting a soul to an idea. We use best of the technology available to create these designs to reduce anomalies and run several simulations.


This is where everyone claps and brings the idea to life and we possess a working prototype. The prototype is made by raw circuit boards, 3D printed casings or mechanical fixtures to reduce tooling costs.

Design Optimization

Even the best of designs can be improved. By finding ways to add new features or abilities to your product, the probability of success is increased.

First Production Run

The first production run is made for 50-100 units. Quantity depends if it is a consumer or industrial item. Test fixtures, acceptance test procedures and quality procedures are made in this phase.


Viaanix delivers all drawings, software, circuit diagrams and all documents to the customer with instructions for production.