Smart Restrooms: Hygienic and Efficient Restroom Maintenance

It is a fact of running a business that consumers will judge a business by the state of their restroom. If a restroom is in disarray, the average consumer will wonder—what else are they overlooking? Along with offering sanitary facilities for the sake of hygiene, businesses and operations like airports will want to make a good […]Read more

IoT Tech Expo North America

Visit us at IoT Tech Expo North America 2019. You can schedule a meeting with our CEO or CTO by going to: CLICK HERE    Read more

Viaanix Indoor Outdoor Asset Tracking

Without the right technology, monitoring the status of equipment can be a challenge, especially when it involves tracking through indoor/outdoor facilities and between facilities. As employees move costly equipment from site to site, losing track of your equipment could mean losing productivity and the cost that comes with it.  To add to the challenge, the technology that […]Read more

FCC Certification

This month has been very busy dealing with FCC certification. Viaanix first…Read more

IoT Walkie Talkie Device

Viaanix continues to expand with IoT devices. We have…Read more

Fluid Management System

After working on an industrial fluid management system for …Read more

Communication Converter

Viaanix has developed a board that can communicate…Read more