Jatin Talreja


Jatin founded Viaanix in 2011 and is presently the CEO of the firm. Jatin brings a wealth of real-world experience to this project. He has been to major international conferences on IoT framework and delivered keynote lectures there. His company has designed some of the most path-breaking products in the industrial sector of US. Keen to enter Australian market, he is now in the process of conceiving ideas that may be suitable for Australia specifically. He has earned a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Friends University (USA), has Bachelors of Science degree from The University of Texas at Arlington, and an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Dayalbagh Educational Institute in India. He currently serves as an adjunct instructor at two local colleges.

Ankit Sethi

Director, Australia and New Zealand

Ankit, co-founder of Viaanix manages Australia and New Zealand region overseeing all strategic and business development activities. With extensive experience across financial services and technology, he has worked in India, Australia and Middle East across business strategy and product development. He has studied electrical engineering from Dayalbagh Educational Institute and also holds an MBA from NITIE, India.

Bryan Brumm


Bryan Brumm is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and has also served as a Graduate Assistant. Bryan has worked in embedded systems for more than 8 years and has lead the design of many different products with a special focus on low-power devices. Apart from expertise in  embedded design, he also has extensive knowledge and experience across many different wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRa, and Zigbee.

Gary Stecklien

Business Development

Gary Stecklein provides mechanical engineering and business development support for Viaanix. In the entire span of his career of 44 years he has worked with John Deer & Co. and has served as the Director of Department of Vehicle Systems Research with Southwest Research Institute. His last 11 years with the Institute have been as a consultant in the Engine and Vehicle Research Division. He has  directed R&D and T&E activities of over $40M for both commercial and government clients. He has 11 patents and 2 R&D awards.