Airports are increasingly adopting the use of IoT. This technology can be effective in passenger care and management, airport and airplane security, as well as connecting the airport tenants and the individual airlines to their clients.


The trucking industry thrives on reliability and efficiency. Viaanix has products that can both track a vehicle and its cargo, report information on predictive/preventative maintenance, and remotely monitor the vehicle’s performance.


On any given day, there are tens of thousands of boats and ships sailing the waters of the world. These range from small pleasure craft to passenger liners to cargo ships. As in any system with a wide variety of moving parts, the need for management and coordination is imperative.


Self-driving cars are a reality. They will soon be commonplace. But, IoT technology already exists in the automotive world in the form of tracking, proactive maintenance, and driver communication. Viaanix has advanced several IoT based automotive products and continues to expand in this industry.


Viaanix knows that railway systems are more than just the train itself. Along with the train, railways include switching yards, rails, terminals, cargo, crossings, and a whole host of challenges. It is a vast system with a multitude of interconnected parts which must function in harmony.

Public Transportation

Public transportation are services available for use by the general public. Public transportation includes city buses, trolleys, trams, passenger trains, airlines, trains, rapid transit, subway, and ferries. Viaanix understands the complexity of managing people and transportation and has systems and products which can coordinate multiple systems and assets.