Viaanix understands that new roads and facilities are only as helpful as the systems in place to maintain them. We can provide you with the tools to keep those resources in peak operating condition. We can help to monitor everything from the vehicles in your fleet to the roads that lead to your facilities to the facilities themselves and the equipment within them.

Remote Monitoring

Even a small city covers a large amount of terrain. Viaanix can develop remote monitoring devices and systems which will allow your staff to simultaneously monitor multiple systems located in different places. Custom dashboards can be designed which will give the members of your team the information they need.


Viaanix understands that the administration of a city requires effective communication between a wide variety of individuals. We have developed the systems and tools which can be combined to help your team stay in touch with each other and the systems for which they are responsible.

City Services

The citizens of your city rely on you to provide them with water, sewage, fire and police protection, and numerous other services. In order to help you succeed in such a significant undertaking, Viaanix makes the delivery and monitoring of those services more economical and efficient.

Asset Management

Facilities, equipment, and supplies are just a few of the many assets that are managed by city governments. Viaanix can assist you to know what you have, where it is, and how it is functioning. This system helps you to keep your assets secure and in peak condition.

Useful Analytics

The larger the city, the greater the amount of information generated. Viaanix knows that you need information, but it has to be useful. We can help you to get the information you really need. Custom dashboards and specific analytics can be created to provide the members of your team with the information they need.