Patient monitoring

Patient care is at the heart of medicine and we understand that commitment. Viaanix is in the process of designing and developing several IoT devices, including devices which would allow a medical professional to remotely monitor the vital statistics of several patients simultaneously.


Medicine is a team effort. Doctors, nurses, maintenance, administration, and others must work to accomplish a shared mission. Viaanix has the tools and systems available to streamline communication. This not only includes communication within the medical staff, but also remote monitoring of specific patient body functions such as heart rate and oxygen level.

Asset Management

Medical equipment is expensive. Many of the medications in a hospital are targets for theft. Viaanix can supply effective systems to manage assets remotely. This information can monitor the asset’s location, operating status, potential maintenance issues, possible misuse, and identify the user of the asset and the length of time the asset was in use.

Useful Analytics

Medical devices can provide a lot of information about a patient, but not all of it is useful. Viaanix works with medical professionals to develop systems that provide the information that is most essential. Using your specifications and requirements, we can design a system that will communicate the information you need.


Along with the safety of the patient, medical security must also safeguard staff, facilities, patient records, and other resources of the hospital. Viaanix is ready to provide you with tools to help you successfully accomplish that mission through the use of advanced encryption, remote monitoring, and other security measures.

Automated Supply Chain

Overhead operating expenses can place a significant burden on a medical establishment’s budget. By analyzing past data and projecting future needs, Viaanix can automate your supply chain so that you have what you require and when you require it.