Cross Channel Visibility

This is an agile framework created to adapt to changing demands. These networking platforms give the manufacturing supply chain a “networked” approach to sustain and expand relationships within their organization. Viaanix can provide your company with just such a system.

Useful Analytics

Big Data is a loosely defined term used to describe data sets so huge and complex that they are awkward to work with using standard statistical software. It is a case of too much information. The Useful Analytics developed by Viaanix processes this data and refines it to provide you with the essential information you need.

Access Control

Security is important. A manufacturer has a considerable financial investment in the machinery required to produce products. Viaanix state-of-the-art custom access control systems allows you to limit equipment access to those who are trained and approved.


IoT allows for instant communication between the operator and the machine and M2M communication. However, communication needs to vary between manufacturers. Viaanix does not provide a “one size fits all” approach, but instead designs communication systems for your particular needs.

Manage Equipment Remotely

An essential part of manufacturing is the equipment needed to produce goods. These machines, however, require management. Rather than physically attending to a machine, IoT allows for the remote management of equipment. Viaanix has designed and created systems that will allow you to control your equipment and machinery.

Remote Monitoring

With the use of a smart phone or other device, Viaanix has made it possible for you to monitor any machine from anywhere in the world. Further, it allows for a proactive approach to technical support. By identifying problems remotely before they are detected by the user, the technician can correct the issue and then simply communicate to the user that the problem has been corrected.