Automated Supply Chain

An automated supply chain management system constructed by Viaanix enables customers, manufacturers, and suppliers to cooperate over the Internet. This reduces inventory carrying costs and logistics administration costs at the manufacturer by supporting the just-in-time manufacturing model.

Asset management

Tools and equipments are significant investments. A company must not only know where their assets are, they must also know how they are being used, the duration of their use, and condition of the asset. Viaanix provides a cutting edge, reliable system to track asset location, use, and condition.

Useful Analytics

Analytics can generate a lot of data. But, not all of it is helpful. Viaanix can provide your industry with all of the information or only the information you need to ensure your success. We have developed several personalized dashboards which display critical data for CEOs, managers, and technicians.

Manage Equipment Remotely

Viaanix understands that Industry depends on reliable equipments which require proper management. Rather than adding additional management personnel and/or responsibilities, Viaanix develops IoT systems which allow for remote management of your equipment.

Remote Monitoring

Viaanix has made it possible for you to monitor any machine from anywhere in the world. Our systems allow for a proactive approach to technical support by identifying problems before they become problematic. Viaanix has developed several technologies such as LoRa, BLE, and ZigBee to monitor this activity.


Unless the team can communicate effectively with each other and with vital industrial components, the potential for disaster looms large. Viaanix is able to supply efficient and affordable communication technology for your specific industrial needs. Our products are economical, wireless and can be automated to suit your needs.