Homes should be comfortable. Viaanix has systems and devices which will allow you to remotely monitor and control the environment in your home, even when you’re not there. This includes heating and air-conditioning, air filtration systems, lighting, and other systems that are a part of your home environment.


Working smart is better than merely working hard. Viaanix can automate many of your home’s systems, thereby allowing you to devote your attention to more important things. Systems that can be automated include lawn watering, air-conditioning, heating, water usage, and power usage.


Protecting your loved ones is essential to you. It is important to us, too. This is why Viaanix can offer tools to provide those at home with a secure and protected residence. We offer systems such as motion sensors, camera surveillance, vehicle protection, and more – all of which you can monitor from your smartphone.


Home should be a safe and comfortable place. Viaanix has products that can keep you and your loved ones safe at home. We can provide remotely accessible security cameras, motion sensors, and theft prevention/theft recovery devices.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to be home even when you are away from home. Viaanix remote monitoring systems will enable you to be there even when you aren’t. You can monitor all of your home’s utilities, the environmental controls, and also view areas of your home.

Power Management

The cost of utilities is high, and it is a large part of the family budget. Viaanix can help you to manage and reduce your power costs.