The military is rapidly adopting IoT technology as a way to maintain an effective force. Viaanix has the experience and knowledge required to assist the military in IoT integration. We have developed technologies for body area networks, remote monitoring, and enhanced communication.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement includes the police, the courts, and the penal system. Viaanix continues to work with law enforcement to ascertain how the system can be improved with the emerging technology. We have discovered many possibilities for enhancement through the use of wireless and IoT technologies and have developed solutions for various aspects of the penal system.

Access Control

Technological advancements have made connecting easier, but they have also led to the rise of hacking and malicious digital assaults. Viaanix is able to secure access to your systems so that you are in control of who has the right to use. We place the keys in your hands.


Keeping people and facilities safe is a primary concern for a successful organization. Viaanix has instruments for remote monitoring of facilities and tools to help keep your people and your facility secure. We also have a number of products for theft prevention and stolen asset recovery.

Asset Management

Tax payers should be confident that the assets which have been purchased by their tax dollars are safe and secure. Viaanix can help government agencies to remotely manage their assets. This management provides an accurate inventory of the assets, where those assets are located, the condition of those assets, and how they are being used.

Archive Digitalization

Keeping accurate records is essential to efficient government operation. Governments are increasingly turning to archival digitalization to improve access and minimize storage. Viaanix is a leader in governmental archival digitalization. We can help you digitize your paper records, organize them, increase their availability, and provide ways to integrate this information.