Internet of Things

At Viaanix, we understand people. We think of life, design its extensions and advance societies. We do this without a formula, without a scheme and without a subject. We thrive on fluidity, build on customs and coproduce with you. And that is why in understanding people, we understand societies, business and governments. Through a strong sense of social and economic empowerment, we create products and services that are poised to find their ways into the future. And in doing so, we are weaving ideas and building artifacts that will become relics of the future. Viaanix is not a company that we have established. It is a story we are scripting; with you. Located at the intersection of things connected with things, we are experts in building electronically embedded objects and devices which enable the collection and exchange of data between the objects. We make the inanimate, smart. We specialize in IoT, with particular emphasis on industrial internet which focuses on machine to machine (M2M) communication. We pride ourselves in creating smart systems for manufacturing industries, logistics, agriculture, transportation, government, medical arts, and in the home. In all this, our focus is a customized solution to your problems. And therefore, we don’t build products alone, we produce answers.


With Industry 4.0, manufacturing will be the most impacted industry by Internet of Things and it has several use cases where IoT solutions will be deployed


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will transform every company be it in manufacturing, logistics or any other industry by leveraging intelligent and connected devices


Government is best positioned to harness the potential of Internet of Things and deliver higher efficiency and better service. Connected devices with sensors combined with Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance presents a huge opportunity for the government sector


With IoT, home automation is becoming a reality now as devices ranging from smartphones, home's lights, window, water systems and thermostat are all connected to the internet and controlled remotely by voice command or the push of a button


The biggest use case in agriculture for IoT is Smart Farming which will enable growers and farmers to increase productivity by efficient water management and more accurate predictions


With the advent of Internet of Things in the transportation industry, life of every commuter will be impacted as cars, buses, trains become connected and start delivering more value and and an enhanced customer experience


As the demand for better quality healthcare rises, the Internet of Medical Things will play a pivotal role in this as it will be able to provide healthcare providers with data to identify issues before they become critical

Smart Cities

Cities are poised to benefit significantly by IoT devices such as connected lights, sensors and meters as they collect and analyse data which cities can further use to improve public utilities, services and the entire infrastructure